Call Center

"Sri Lanka has always been one of the top-notch outsourcing locations, as call centers in the country offer a wide variety of advantages, including cost-effectiveness that other countries do not offer. Sri Lanka posses a large qualified workforce, competent in English and trained to provide a premium experience for global clients"

The call center workforce of Sri Lanka differs significantly from that of other Asian countries providing call center outsourcing services, due to their competency in English. Having clear pronunciations and accents and improved vocabulary with the ability to grasp the client’s calls more efficiently, Sri Lanka is surely an option to consider for call center outsourcing services.

A considerable number of benefits can be derived from outsourcing call centers to Sri Lanka;

  1. Skilled and educated workforce competent in English with a high IT literacy rate.
  2. Cost-effective call center services ‘
  3. Time zone advantages
  4. Specialized call center outsourcing services
  5. Latest technology and high-end infrastructure